Quit smoking with water therapy

Ask anyone who has quit smoking, how hard it was for them to quit and the reply you get will help you understand the almost super-human effort that goes into the entire process of quitting the habit. The urge to smoke that one last cigarette is always there with people who have already quit the habit. People who have quit active smoking for years report to have had those occasional urges to smoke. Unfortunately, many, who have successfully quit at one time or another often begin to smoking again just because they couldn’t resist the temptation of smoking an occasional cigarette offered by a friend. There is no point getting back to square one after what a smoker goes through to quit smoking in the first place. Those occasional urges need to be controlled strongly. Thankfully, smokers can opt for a very simple and inexpensive way out of this dilemma. Water is said to help people get out of their craving for a smoke. The good news is that it is helping fresh quitters during the initial weeks. It’s no secret that people who have been smoking for a long time get used to the nicotine. When a person quits smoking or is in the gradual process of quitting, the body craves the nicotine it is used to having on an every day basis. To help fight off the urge to smoke try taking a sip of water several times during the first five minute period after your craving begins. It can help to diminish the need to smoke, gives you something to do with your hands as well as helps to flush the nicotine out of your body. When you are first trying to quit it is important to keep in mind that it will take some time for the nicotine to be flushed out of the system. The more the water that you consume, the faster the toxins will be eliminated from your body. On an average, a person who has that urge to smoke should double their intake of water until their cravings subside completely. Don’t feel too guilty if you slip and give in to the urge to smoke. Just begin the process over and make a fresh resolution not to give in the next time. When the cravings begin again remember to drink a few extra glasses of water, keep your hands busy and remind yourself of all of the all of the reasons why you want to quit and how good you will feel without all of those toxins in your system.
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