Benefits of quitting smoking

Well there are several quite obvious benefits to quitting smoking - your health and your wallet!

Obviously smoking is going to hurt you. There's no real way around it - you smoke for a prolonged period of time, then you are going to start to feel it!

Cancer. Heart disease. Impotency. General inability to walk up gentle slopes without stopping to take a breather - yup, if you smoke, your health (and to a lesser extent, the health of those around you) will be impacted!

The financial cost of smoking

Yes, smoking stings your wallet as much as it ruins your insides. Check out our page on reasons to quit smoking - the average smoker in the UK (20 a day) will spend £91,520 over 40 years (at current prices!) on their habit. That's a nice little city centre apartment or a nifty little sports car. Think about it!

You won't smell and your fingers will be a normal colour

Yeh, smoking is a little rank in that respect. Apparently it puts some people off. Fecking snobs.

Reasons to quit smoking
The smoking facts

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