The high price of smoking tobacco

Five decades ago, it was not only socially acceptable to smoke cigarettes, but it was also very, very commonly encountered (in fact, it was so common that most of the offices allowed it and even hospitals did it too). And if you go even farther back in time, cigarettes were regarded as not only acceptable, but also recommendable (for weight loss, digestion and so on). [caption id="attachment_8952" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Quit smoking concept[/caption] Now, we know very well that smoking tobacco comes with huge risks. And yet, not many choose to do something about it. Either because they don’t want to take into consideration doctor’s warnings or because their addiction to nicotine is too powerful, many smokers don’t make the choice of leaving behind their unhealthy habit. Which is the price of smoking though? Read on and find out more.

Your Health

There is absolutely nothing in the world that should be more important than health! This may indeed sound like something your grandmother would tell you, but the actual truth is that she would be exactly right. You can buy jewelry and dresses, you can buy cars and houses, you can work to achieve that dream of visiting China – but you cannot gain your full health back once you’ve lost it and disease has settled in. Of course, many diseases have cures and they can be successfully controlled – but they will still alter your life. Each cigarette you smoke takes minutes off your life. With an average of 15 cigarettes every day, you take a couple of hours off your life in one day only. Multiply that by 365. Multiply that by 10 or 20 years and see just how much time you could spend with the loved ones. There is no price to be put on health and cigarettes are really, really awful for every single part of your body: from your brain to the tip of your toes.

Your Loved Ones’ Health

By smoking near those you love, you are not only damaging your own health, but theirs as well. It has been proven that secondhand smoke can be just as dangerous as active smoking – so why risk the health of your loved ones, of your children, of your siblings, friends and parents? Why be the one responsible for their disease?

Your Life

Believe it or not, but that cigarette break is bringing nothing good in your life. In fact, your life would probably be not just healthier, but happier as well if you decided to finally quit smoking. Your energy levels are lowered by the toxic smoke, your brain will not function at its best and your general mood will improve if you could give up this habit of smoking- even though you may not think so at the moment. Quitting smoking can come with other life-changing decisions as well. Soon enough, you may decide to work out more, which can release endorphins in your body. You may decide to achieve all those dreams you always had – and the best part about this is that you will actually believe in your power to do it!

Your Money

Last, but not least, smoking tobacco can be an awfully expensive habit. With $5 the least expensive pack of 20 in the US (and with areas where the price is three times higher than that), you do realize that a lot of your income goes up in smoke- literally. Even more, the health care associated with smoking-related problems could also be a cost attributed to smoking tobacco – and it will definitely be something you want to avoid!
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