Smoking Facts

Nicotine is extremely addictive, and so people find it very difficult to give up. You will too. When attempting to withdraw from this powerful drug, many find the withdrawal symptoms unbearable. Particularly when they know that relief is just one cigarette away. Be prepared for this. Along with the physical grip that the nicotine drug has on your body, the mental part can be even worse. Smoking becomes a series of bad habits that soon become part of a smoker’s life. There is the wake-up smoking habit, the after breakfast smoking habit, the coffee smoking habit, the commute smoking habit, etc. As the smoker’s day goes on, so does the list of individual smoking rituals. A one pack a day smoker has 20 daily habit patterns to break. Is anyone still wondering why the failure to quit rate is so high? It’s amazing that anyone can quit. Fortunately, there are many “stop smoking programs” available. Specifically tailored to ease the physical and/or psychological difficulty, they can make a huge difference in the outcome of the battle to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking Programs

There are many approaches to the problem, and many ways to stop smoking within a given approach. Unfortunately, they often fail to play nice with each other.

Smoking is big business. So is stop-smoking.

Each cigarette company competes against the others for your money (and your life, quite literally). Similarly the stop-smoking industry competes, not against big tobacco, but against each other. But only for your money; they spare your life. That makes it difficult for the would-be nonsmoker. Each program he would try has detractors telling him “that program won’t work, try mine instead.” With every program having nay-sayers (aka competitors), it is understandably easy for the smoker to throw up his hands, light up, and wait for a magic pill to appear.

Tips On Stopping Smoking

While you are waiting for that magic pill, here are some quick tips to reduce your smoking addiction: * Make a list of all the little smoking habits you have. Just by being aware will tend to reduce the force of the habit. * Start checking into your stop-smoking-program options. You don’t have to pick one yet. Just gather data and think about it. * Learn the right foods to eat for the time when you do quit. Oral gratification is a component of smoking, so carrot sticks or apple slices work well. * Know that prior failures to quit have NO bearing of the next attempt. Your weren’t ready then. Now you almost are. Aren’t you? * Think of the money you waste. Write it down. You will soon be amazed. And Appalled. * Think of your family. The behavior you are teaching your children. And the unintentional poisoning of your spouse, children, and pets through second-hand smoke. * Drink extra water to flush the poison out of your system quicker, so that it will do less damage. When you are ready to quit smoking, it will be a major change in your life. These smoking tips will help you to be ready, so that you can quit for good.
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